Nostalgia... What do we really miss?

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As I am getting older, I look back at my life and remember the days past.  A smile comes across my face.  Nostalgia... what do I really miss from all those years ago?  

A lot of my great memories are based around my grandparents.  My grandparents names were Mamaw and Pop.  

Here are a few of those memories.....

  1. Homemade bread coming fresh out of Mamaw's oven. Butter or Lard spread over the top while it was hot.  We never thought a thing about cholesterol.
  2. Helping Mamaw hang her clothes on the line and some of the stories she use to tell me.  On the rainy days, she hung her clothes inside by pulling a clothes line rope across the kitchen. Today, we never have a conversation around the washer and dryer.
  3. I remember being scared to death that my grandfather would find out we messed up the screen door.  That was called RESPECT.  I don't think kids have that anymore. 
  4. We played outside all day, using our minds to build things, our imaginations to pretend we were Daniel Boone.  My brother had a coon skin cap.  We carried real guns and shot them before we were 12.....  Which proves, guns don't kill.
  5. In Fort Valley, we drove old cars before we were teenagers, up and over hills and thru the creek. Oh, the memories...
  6. We played Carrom for hours at a time when it was raining outside.  If you played too long, you had to put bandaids on your shootin' finger so it didn't hurt.
  7. I remember Pop making homemade popcorn.  That Guardian Service pan that sat on the old woodstove with popcorn grease baked on.  It was "Seasoned".  Oh boy, did THAT pan make the best popcorn.
  8. I remember taking a potato, peeling, slicing and laying it directly on top of woodstove.  We turned those over to brown each side.  We added a little salt. That was some eatin' there. If that happened today, you would hear someone saying that the stovetop is not sterilized.  In my opinion, give your immune system something to do.
  9. For Supper , a sausage patty and a cooked potato ,with a little horseradish on the side.  That WAS, and STILL IS the perfect meal.  Pop would give us an Oreo cookie for dessert if we "behaved" ourselves.  I am almost sure we got one either way.
  10. Having a soda was a treat.  Most of the time we had a pitcher of ice Cold water with a hint of Sulphur.  

What I would give to go back in time and to sit at that kitchen table and talk to them.  I think that is why Nostalgia is so popular.  It is getting us as close as we can get to the memories that are most important to us. 

I am sure that in our POLITICALLY CORRECT society that we live in today, that our kids will not have these memories.  I wonder what will be Nostalgic to them??

Visit my store and look around.  I hope you see something that makes you smile. 

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  • I might be more of a “young-un” by society’s standards today, but I couldn’t agree more. :)

    Holly on

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