A Father's Day Gift. What Does Your Gift Say About You??

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Next week, we will be celebrating Father's Day to give thanks and honor our fathers or father figures.  How did this individual influence you in your life?  What should I get him?

When we were younger, we got a gift for our father which we thought they would like.   What we didn't know was our father would love ANYTHING we gave him.  So, we gave him a necktie and he gives us hug.. so the next year we think.. He likes neckties... and so the story goes...

As we get older, we need to take time to get to know the individual that we call "Dad" ( or Pap, Old Man... etc.)  What does he do everyday?  What does he do for fun?  What makes him smile?

With my father, I have always given him something comical.  He loves showing people the crazy stuff that I have given him in the past.  It has almost become a tradition...  He still has a Indian Weather Rock that tells him if the rock is wet, it is raining.  To this day, he talks about that gift that I gave him from about 40 years ago.   I love to make him laugh, because he has helped me through a lot with his sense of humor... and I have to say, I think I inherited the best part of him.

In addition to humor, you cannot go wrong with food!  All you have to to do is know what they like and bring it to them.  My father enjoys Grape Nut Ice Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Apple Dapple Cake - So , each year I pick one and make sure he gets it.  

But, the biggest gift you can give a father is TIME.  Put down the cell phones, go fishing, go for a ride , do something that they would enjoy... Father's Day is about THEM ... they are the men that made you who you are today.  

Give a gift that lets them know that you took TIME to pick it out or a gift that you took the time to make.  A TRUE GIFT is not about how much it cost... it is about how much you care.




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  • Looking for and indian weather rock that you picture. Please let me know if you have one. Thank you

    tim szubinski on

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