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I was thinking about what I used to do as a kid and the things I looked forward to.  I can't help but to remember our trips to the Mall.  It was not really called a Mall back then (40 - 50 years ago) , but looking back, we had everything that we needed in one stop.



This was a Country store that we visited every Friday evening.   You could buy whatever you needed,  It was really a COUNTRY MALL.

Gas -  
Guns - and AMMO
Game Check-IN
Shooting' Match

My best memories includes Black Rind cheese, Cloth Baloney (Bologna for those that don't talk HICK), Push Up Ice Cream and Soda Pop made with Sugar !  You could also get a Ham and Cheese "Samich", and a cup of Soup or Chili.  I remember siting at the big table where all the locals sat (close to the stove on cold days) or out on the porch and talk to friends and neighbors dropping in to get gas.






Do you remember 101 Octane for 33.9 cents a gallon?  

I remember seeing people paying their TABS for the week because they had gotten paid.  CREDIT CARDS were not needed.

In addition to the store, there was also a Barbershop, A Shootin' Match, AND in later years a pool room.  

At the barbershop, I used to sit and watch Sonny cut my fathers and my brothers hair.  This is where you heard what was happening in the community.  I was like FACEBOOK without the technology.

The Shootin' Match is where people toted fire arms in plain sight and no one was afraid.  That was a different time,  A TIME THAT I TRULY MISS.

I hope this blog has made you think about YOUR childhood AND memories that YOU cherish.   Please add your memories below, I would love to hear from you.


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  • Lets not forget the penny candy and my favorite on special occasions mom woyld give me enough money to get a long chocolate Charleston Chew. On the promise she could have a piece. Mmmmm the good old days to stop for a soda and night crawlers to go fishing ‘round the corner. At the camp ground with 2 large ponds.
    Is that camp ground still there? One day I’ll have to drive out there and check it out

    Janine Moton on
  • Hi my name is Joann An I to remember comin to the store my dad use to bring me there An he would get me a soda pop an I would sit at that big table in front of the stove while he talked to then Jim Keller the owner An my dads best friend An hunting buddy those were the good ole days

    Joann Petefish on

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