About Us

Fort Valley Bob's Simple Man Store was created for those that enjoy the simple life .  We wanted to create a "Country Store" feel.   

We are located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. 

The store owner has had a nickname of Fort Valley Bob for sometime.  There was a man named Bob many years ago, that lived in Fort Valley, VA.   Bob had one characteristic that stood out from all others.  He was frugal.  REALLY FRUGAL. 

The story goes that Bob and his brothers all went rabbit hunting. It was agreed upon that at the end of the hunt, the brothers would divide the rabbits equally.   Well, with that said, Bob did not shoot a single rabbit because he wanted to save his bullets.  He was that tight! 

So, he got his rabbits and kept his bullets too!   

Maybe the store owner is not THAT tight or frugal... but,  we do like to price items fairly for you.  Also, we will never price items with .99 at the end.. ALL ITEMS ARE PRICED IN .25 increments to keep life SIMPLE.

NOW, What is really IMPORTANT: 

We enjoy finding products that you will want to make your own.  We are constantly searching to keep products new and exciting.  We have some unique items that we hope will bring a smile to your face as well as some popular items. 

We strive to keep our prices as low as possible.  We know how hard it is to earn a dollar.  We also strive to keep our customers happy. 

Come by and see us in our new storefront located at 1162 Headquarters Road, Edinburg, VA  - We are open on Sundays only from 1:00 PM to 6PM. 

OR feel free to shop online. 

Even though we are fairly new, we hope to be around for many years. 

If you enjoy what you see, please spread the word!   

Thanks for visiting!   Y'all Come Back Now,  Ya Hear??  


Fort Valley Bob

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